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Our Italian Hair Stylist have more than 15 years' experience. Long or Short Hair, Curly or Straight, Thin or Thick, they have the skills for your next fresh look

Italian Hairstylist

The hair stylist of Immagine Italiana

Salvatore and Vincenzo are the hair stylists of the hair salon

The Italian hair salon is located in the trendy area of Joo Chiat Road. The two expats decided to move to Singapore with the dream to become the ambassadors of the Italian lifestyle. For instance, their global experience allows them to serve customers from all over the world. In addition, their hair stylist is specialized on curly hair, as well as straight hair. For example, long or short hair is not a problem, they always know how to recommend the best hair cut! Above all, they like to differentiate themselves with their signature friendly service that does not compromise on quality. In conclusion, each customer becomes a friend, that’s why with every visit, they always provide complimentary coffee, cappuccino or tea!

Hair Stylist Vincenzo Singapore

Vincenzo Bonaccorso


More than 19 years’ experience as a hair stylist, Vincenzo (Enzo for the friends) started his hairstylist career in Italy where discovered his passion by looking and learning from his uncle who is still running a famous salon in Italy. Enzo was still a teenager when he first held a scissor in his hands and was not too long after that he decided that this would have been his future. He spent several years abroad between Spain and Malta before moving to Singapore in 2014.

Hair Consultant

Salvatore Cristian

MANAGING DIRECTOR – Image Consultant

Born in Sicily and grew up between Turin, Barcelona and Switzerland, Salvatore has more than 20 years of management experience in the fashion industry. He spent most of his life abroad in Europe and China where he was working for several fashion brand. Today he focuses on hairstyle consultancy in addition to the day-to-day administration of the salon and business development.

Gresi Palmisano


Gresi joined the hairstyling world when she was 16 years old. She promised to herself love, devotion, and utmost professional commitment to the hairdresser's job. After starting her stylistic journey in a small town in Puglia, at the age of 26, she moved to London to improve her techniques by stepping into the fashion capital. That was undoubtedly her most crucial professional stage of growth. She continued her journey in Italy, where she further extended her knowledge by attending additional professional training. Gresi has joined us in Singapore with the role of hairdresser, hairstylist, and image consultant.

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